Win a Car Today!

by wincars

Hello and welcome to our site where we will be bringing you the latest and best in win a car competitions, in fact we’ll be adding every competition we come across regardless of the make or model, so there should be something to suit each and every individual! Whether you are looking for a Porsche, an Audi, a mini or even a campervan then it will be featured here.

We are also looking to provide a guide on how best to enter competitions and avoid getting your email spammed to pieces by the companies you apply to, which you can read below. We highly recommend that you take this into consideration as it will make things easier and more fun for you in the long term!

Vital Tips To Read Before Entering

1. Set up an alternate email address: This is really important as if you use your everyday email to enter these car competitions then you really risk having your inbox spammed into oblivion with the offers the companies will send you. This is usually the reason these comps are run so they can market to you later. It only takes a few minutes to set up another email address, perhaps two, so take the time to do this.

2. Opt Out Check Boxes: Make sure to check for the opt out boxes which will stop you getting emails from whoever is running the competition. Obviously this won’t stop the mail coming through if you happen to win but what it will do is prevent you from getting offer after offer sent out. Sometimes you will find that you get your details passed around and again this is another reason to set up an alternate email. In reality most companies don’t do this but some will so it’s only good sense to take steps to prevent it.

3. Enter Boring looking/regional comps: The more boring an offer looks the less people that enter and thus the higher your chances of winning are. The same goes for regional comps, they rarely receive a lot of attention and often get an astonishingly low amount of entries.

 4. Keep it Fun! Remember the it’s all a bit of fun, if you take the steps we have outlined above you should find that things are easy and enjoyable and if you happen to have a stroke of fortune and win a car then make sure you come back here and tell us about it!